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  Kokuzo Bosatsu

Kokuzo Bosatsu


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Description Of Form
Kokûzô Bodhisattva appears with a wish-granting gem (Cintâmani or Nyoihôshu), by means of which he bestows worldly blessings on all beings. This jewel represents joy and virtue. In his right hand he carries a sharp sword which represents wisdom.

Purpose and Vow
Kôbô Daishi was able to encounter Esoteric Buddhism in his youth by praying to Kokûzô Bodhisattva, reciting his mantra a million times, and practicing the physical and mental discipline of the Kokûzô Gumonji method, the Kokûzô ritual that he learned from his master Gonzô. This was the reason that he practiced this method on Mt. Tairyu in Awa province and at Cape Muroto in Tosa province, and decided to leave home to become a monk.

Since Kokûzô is the great wisdom of the Buddha that exists throughout the entire universe, he has the virtue of enabling those who chant his mantra, form his mudras, discipline themselves to a strict regimen, and practice this Gumonji method to obtain the wisdom of the Buddha and become enlightened. Kôbô Daishi embodied the wisdom of Kokûzô Bodhisattva into himself, and became the Bodhisattva of the Three Realms.

In addition to wisdom, Kokûzô Bodhisattva grants good fortune.

Nôbô akyasha kyarabaya on arikya mari bori sowaka (Jpn)

Namo Âkâsagarbhaya om ârya kamari mauli svâhâ (Skt)

Homage to the great Space-bearer who holds a flower and
wears a garland and a jeweled crown svâhâ


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