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  Yakushi Nyorai

Yakushi Nyorai


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Description Of Form
In his left hand he holds a medicine container, and his right hand forms the mudrâ for granting wishes. This represents his merit of being able to fulfill people's wishes.

Purpose and Vow
Yakushi Nyorai (Bhaisajyaguru), is a buddha who offers medicine to people suffering from illness, and grants nourishment to the mind and body. As a buddha who carries out the functions of a physician among the large number of buddhas, he holds a medicine container in his left hand. This expresses his vow to cure mental and physical illnesses. This medicine container is made of the precious stone emerald, and by being bathed in its radiance, one is cured of illness. This is why Yakushi Nyorai is also called Yakushi Rurikô Nyorai, the Nyorai of Emerald Radiance.

With his right hand Yakushi Nyorai forms the mudrâ of granting vows, which expresses his virtue of being able to perfect the vows made by people. Originally made Twelve Great Vows. Three of those vows have come to be popularly believed in by people:

    1. to have the complete major and minor marks of a buddha,
    2. to emanate his radiance on all, and
    3. to give comfort by dispelling illness. He is thus a buddha specifically in charge of physical health and curing illnesses.

In contrast to Amida Buddha, who presides over the Western Pure Land of future rebirths, Yakushi Nyorai is the buddha who grants practical benefits primarily in this life as the Lord of the Eastern Pure Land.

On koro koro sendari matôgi sowaka (Jpn.)

Om huru huru candâli mâtàngi svâhâ (Skt.)

Om heal, heal Candâli Mâtàngi svâhâ

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