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Fall 1999 Teaching
The Last Higan

    Waiting patiently,
    Each season.

    Waiting patiently,
    Walking together every moment.

    Waiting patiently,
    Helping us to remember our ancestors.

    Waiting patiently,
    For our fruits of Buddhahood

    Waiting patiently,
    For our last crossing to the other shore.

    Waiting patiently,

    The Fall Equinox Higan is a time for us to remember our ancestors and
    all sentient life. It is also a time for us to think about the great
    patience and vow that was taken by Odaishisama. Through his faith and
    understanding of our great obligations to our ancestors, we transcend
    time and become one with them, as an enlightend Buddha.

    The fruits of this life are Buddhahood and each of us will take with us
    these fruits as we discover our final crossing. Odaishisama has taken a
    great vow to wait patiently for each of us to discover our own
    Buddhahood and welcome us to our last crossing to the other shore.

    Rev. Eijun Eidson
    September 1999

©1999 Shingon Buddhist International Institute