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    A time to touch the past,
    Feeling the joy and gratitude of obligation (On) for family.
    A time for our ancestors, to live on in our heart.

    A time to touch the present,
    Feeling compassion and connection for all Life in all realms.
    A time for all life, to live in our heart.

    A time to touch the future,
    Praying for an end to rebirth for all life in all times.
    A time for all life, to become one heart.


OBON is a very special time. It allows us to strengthen our connection to our family ancestors. Without their life we could not have been born as a precious human being.

Once very early, I was at a Temple and noticed that a Koi was jumping out of the pond as the priest was reciting the Sutras. This Koi did not do this before or after the ritual, only during the recitation. I opened my heart and could feel the desire to be awakened within this special fish. I was filled with wonder for the persistance of this fish to hear the Teachings of the Buddhas.

I was so thankful that I was born a human and was filled with gratitude for my parents and ancestors for bringing me into this precious world.

The desire to become human is very strong, for as a Human we can experience the wondrous teachings. Open your heart and share your prayers with your ancestors and all life in all realms, during this obon.

    Rev. Eijun Eidson
    July 1998

©1998 Shingon Buddhist International Institute