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English Language Shingon Sites:

Koyasan Shingon Temples
English language homepage for Koyasan Shingon Temples in Japan, North America, Hawaii and South America.

Northern California Koyasan Temple
Homepage for the Northern California Koyasan Temple whose headmaster is Rev. Seicho Asahi, one of the founders of the Shingon Buddhist International Institute.

Koyasan Shingon Tenchi-ji Temple
Homepage for Tenchi-ji, the HeavenEarth Temple - home temple of the Shingon Buddhist International Institute.

Japanese Language Shingon Sites:

There are many Japanese language websites that have information on Shingon and Mikkyo, in general. In order to display these websites properly in Japanese, special software is needed - without this software the text of the page displays as jibberish.

For those who have Japanese language capabilities and even those who are just curious, the following are the homepages of some of Shingon's major schools and temples. Links below with a (*) have some limited English content.

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