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The Practice Of The Three Mysteries

The symbolic activities of Body, Speech, and Mind (the Three Mysteries or Three Secrets) are present everywhere in the universe. Natural phenomena such as mountains and oceans and even humans express the truth described in the sutras. The universe itself embodies and can not be seperated from the teachings. In his work, "Attaining Buddhahood in This Body," Kobo Daishi said,

    "Form mudras with your hands,
    recite mantras with your mouths,
    and dwell in meditation with your minds."

These secrets allow you to experience the Buddha nature that exists within yourself and also of the larger Universe.

The Secret of the Body: Esoteric mudra

Hand gestures called mudras express the form of the secret activity of the body. These mudras symbolically identify the practioner with the universe. The human body functions as symbolic of the larger universe. In the "Discourse or Visualization of Truth by Mindful Recitation," Kobo Daishi wrote:

    "If the Buddhas are the Dharma Realm,
    they exist within my body.
    If I myself am also the Dharma Realm,
    then I exist within the Buddhas."

The Secret of Speech: Esoteric Mantra Recitation

The Three Secrets practice of speech expresses the secret activity speech through mantras and dharanî. Mantras and dharanis are formulas of invocation. Kobo Daishi wrote in "The True Meaning of the Voiced Syllable,"

    "By reciting the voiced syllables with clear understanding, one manifests the truth, What is called ?the truth of the voiced syllable? is the three secrets in which all things and the Buddha are equal. This is the original essence of all beings. For this reason, Dainichi Nyorai?s teaching of the true meaning of the voiced syllable will startle into awakening those long sleeping.?

Shingon describes mantras in terms of the sound, the written Sanskrit and the symbolic meaning.

The Secret of Mind: Internal Visualization

The secret activity of the mind is expressed in the internal visualization of the Buddhas and other daities, mantric symbols and other symbolic forms. The activity of mind permeated throughout all beings and all phenomenon.

Kobo Daishi wrote about this in "The Meaning of the Hum Syllable:"

    ?The three secrets of the Dharma Body are not limited even in the finest particles, and are not dissipated even by filling all of space. They enter stones, plants, and trees without discrimination. They enter humans, gods, demons, and animals without choosing. They extend to all places.
    There is nothing through which they do not act."

The goal of exoteric meditation is the state of voidness, where body and mind are absorbed in non-activity. Shingon views this as a foundation to move to an awareness and affirmation of self and all phenomenon, at the esoteric level.

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