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Winter 1999 Teaching

    As we enter the next Millennium, we can feel that our life is about to
    change. Science and technology have begun the research that can end
    hunger and disease and extend life for many or possibly an infinite
    number of years.

    Sakyamuni realized enlightenment through trying to escape suffering and
    that is the foundation of Buddhism. The real question of the next
    Millennium is whether humanity will strive to realize enlightenment if
    they can live an abundant, healthy and almost infinite life. What will
    be the basis for enlightenment?

    If humanity has the desire to realize enlightenment and continues to
    strive towards the Great Awakening of all sentient life, then true
    radiant abundance can be experienced. Suffering serves a purpose, to
    awaken. Let us pray that it is no longer needed in the next Millennium.

    For the next Millennium let us replace suffering, as our foundation,
    with the joy of knowing ones own mind, enlightenment through

    Rev. Eijun Eidson
    December 1999

©1999 Shingon Buddhist International Institute