EIJUN has been involved with assisting people for all of his adult life. For over 25 years he worked professionally, with non profit corporations, to design, and to operate human service programs, for the elderly, children, low income households and minorities. In 1994 he completed the practice to become a priest and has been ordained in two Shingon lineages: the Koyasan Chuin lineage and also the Shingon Ritsu (Saidaiji) lineage.

In 1995, Eijun and Rev. Shoken Harada formed the Shingon Buddhist International Institute, a non profit church, organized to train serious English speaking practioners in the techniques and skills of Shingon Buddhism. They have also started Tenchiji (The Heaven Earth Temple) to accompolish this training, and have been appointed as missionaries by Koyasan Headquarters. They have begun to translate and publish books and procedures on Shingon Buddhism, to share the precious wisdom of Kobo Daishi, with English speaking people.

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