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Discipleship and Training
the Shingon Priesthood


This is the intensive training period to learn the basics as a priest. It is rigorous; physically and mentally and designed to Teach a person form and procedure. It is called the Discipline, because of this intense training. It requires many hours each day, for some people, it may take 14-16 hours of practice and preparation. The Training is broken into six main stages:

    Prajnaparamita Naya Sutra Training (J: Rishukyo Kegyo) 7 days

    Five Point Protection Training (J: Goshimbo Kegyo) 7 days

    18 Stage Practice Training (J: Juhachido Kegyo and Shogyo) 28 days

    Vajradhatu Ritual Training (J: Kongokai Kegyo and Shogyo) 21 days

    Gharbakosa Ritual Training (J: Taizokai Kegyo and Shogyo) 21 days

    Homa Fire Ceremony Training (J: Goma Kegyo and Shogyo) 21 days

(These times may change with other training programs.)

The Kegyo is "prepratory training" and the Shogyo is "proper training".

Ritual Training is for 105 days total and the three days of the Jukai make for a total of 108 days of training.

This Ritual training prepares one for the most important step, Abhiseka.

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