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Discipleship and Training
the Shingon Priesthood


TENCHIJI TEMPLE, Fresno, California (Rev. Eidson and Rev. Harada) has been authorized by Koyasan, Japan to take on Disciples. The following process outlines the steps required by Disciples to become a Licensed Koyasan Shingon Minister.

Generally, a person interested in becoming a Disciple is to have experience reciting Sutras and experience in meditative practices such as the A-syllable meditation (Jp. Aji-kan), the moon disk meditation (Jp. Gatchirin-kan) and breathing techniques (Jp. Susoku-kan.)

The following are the major steps to becoming a Koyasan Chuin-ryu Shingon Priest:


Interested parties please contact Rev. Eijun Bill Eidson for further information.

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